Man Up! Christ Up!


2019 CFC Southeast Men’s Conference

May 10-12, 2019
South Carolina

Program Activities
  • Men face a variety of tremendous challenges in our daily lives.  As sons, brothers, single men, husbands, fathers, and widowers, men have a unique and special role to play in our community and society.  Attending a men’s Catholic conference accomplishes several things.  For one, it breaks the monotony of our daily lives.  For a few days, attendees will be fully separated from their normal routine and the conference facilitators and speakers will help them step back, reflect on their lives and spiritual growth, think through important issues, and ask hard questions.  It is important to go through this process with men in similar circumstances and situations.  Most importantly, it gives us the opportunity to pray, praise and worship our loving God. Truth, beauty and goodness are the transcendental elements that point to God.   The beauty of nature, the smell of pine, the sound of water in the lake, song and conversations around the campfire, having fun and reliving childhood memories, sharing of knowledge and life experiences, and forming new friendships.  All these can be had in this uniquely positive and truly spiritual event.

    Bro Dave Guirao
  • As men we all struggle to fulfill our financial and spiritual duties and responsibilities in the midst of the daily grind of life. If we are to Man-up who live with the confidence and joy that God desires for us, we cannot work in isolation. At times we need to come together as men in order to better understand how to fulfill our calling as Christian Men living in a secular culture. This men’s conference is just such a time. I highly recommend that you consider attending this event!

    Bro Harold Evangelista

Men of CFC

Our Prayer

Almighty Father, we pray for all fathers, husbands, sons and brothers in our
community to heed your call to join the coming Southeast Men’s Conference.

We pray for all the speakers, that they may deliver the very message
you want them to deliver. Please put the words in their mouths.

We pray for the service team, that their continued commitment will not
diminish. Please protect them and their families from evil. Remove
whatever is not of you in their homes and in their way that may prevent
them from actively participating in the conference.

We pray for the venue, that you may drive away the evil one, and that the
void left by it be filled with the Holy Spirit.

We pray for every one who is involved and will be involved in this conference.

May they be lights for others as they continue to seek You and serve You.

All this we ask in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with
You, forever and ever, Amen.